Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wow, What happened?

This is Edith Bowman, a Radio 1 DJ from Britain. This is the outfit that she decided to wear to the Glamour Women of the Year 2005 event. Do you think she has the same stylist as Bobby? or is it because she is a DJ and doesn't work in "the public eye" as such that she decided to borrow her grandmothers dress, throw away her bra and walk the red carpet? And then their is the hair. Is that styled or even brushed? I certainly wouldn't show up at a red carpet event looking like that.

. It seems that there is life after ANTM. Here are photos of Eva Pigford (Winner Cycle 3) and Michelle Deighton. Eva looks fabulous , and Michelle almost looks like a different person. She seems to have settled into her "own skin" and looks so much more confident and relaxed.

Lizzie Grubman, SUV driver and "famous" PR person should spend some of her money on a new hairdresser. One that knows how to match roots to the rest of the hair. She probably could save some of the money she's using for fake'n'bake or suntan oil. The girl is two weeks away from leather.

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