Saturday, October 29, 2005

"Oops" Look what I wore to the 2005 British TV Awards

I know that Katie Price AKA Jordan (above with husband Peter Andre) loves her body, her boobies and the spotlight but good god woman. You should have to have a safety warning about those boobies. They could take someone's eyes out.

And Peter, don't think your off the hook either. You getting more and more "pretty" with every passing year. What has happened to you? I know when you started your B list career you looked more like a man than a polished, shiny, makeup laden version of the Ken doll.

Good Lord Jo Frost, what happened to you?

Did all the children you tried to redeem from "Supernanny" come back, tie you up, throw their granny's best church outfit on you. And with a final taunt of laughter, add as much ice blue/silver eye shadow as they could before throwing you out of the moving van onto the red carpet?

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