Thursday, October 20, 2005

Are they the same person? And other stuff

Just found these photos of Avril Lavigne on Egotastic , doesn't she look the spitting image of Sienna Miller? Are they related? Should Avril give her some lessons on boyfriends and how to beat, sorry keep, them in line.

Did anyone watch Top Model last night? I am really missing Janice. Especially after having her last week doing a great videoshoot. Who knew she had steady enough hands to operate a camera, AND take good photos. Twiggy is just so nice and quiet, blah !! , definitely more "disapproving mother" than ball breaker that Janice is. (Sidenote- I miss Nole too, does anyone know what happened to him and his little ball of fur? ) I have to say that Nigel hit it on the head last night. Lisa did nail the commercial, her photo wasn't bad, and she railroaded the interview but I just can't stand her. She is so freakin annoying !!! And what happened to Jayla? Who is that diva-beotch that she morphed into last nights? Who did she piss of on the editing staff?
I have a feeling that Nik, Bre, Jayla and Lisa might be a final four. Nicole is good but in person she doesn't seem to be impressing anyone.

Lost -- what is going on here .. why will it be three weeks before we get another NEW episode. Come on ABC!! Desperate Housewives is getting more desperate every week and this is your only other blockbuster, keep us tuned in !! Who takes a three week hiatus , 4 weeks into the season. At least wait till Thanksgiving when people will be busy, or Christmas to show the repeats. There are just too many conspiracy theories to deal with on this show but I am loving it. I really like the characters and the styling of the show.

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