Monday, October 24, 2005

Mix and Match Bag

Here are the things I discovered today...

  • I really like this picture. I think both of them are very entertaining. (JustJared)

  • I'm sorry this is sick. I know the British papers push the boundaries with their headlines, and whether or not this is true, its pretty sick. (NewsoftheWorld)

  • Jen Garner on the way to her shower. (image courtesy Popsugar) Even if she didn't announce she was having a girl she is carrying really low. If you look at celebs (read Britney) that had baby boys they carried much higher.

  • If you need a great dose of wit run as fast as you can to Squidgy

  • Shhh !! She hasn't woken up and realized that she's married to one of the undead. If he sucked in his cheeks anymore he would self implode.

These two totally confound me. What does she see in him? Certainly not the looks. And what kind of luck does that man have? Not only has he managed to sleep with two gorgeous woman, one was delusional enough to have his children and the other is intent on following that path. Why? I mean, why? Please Jennifer, let us help you. What sins are you atoning for ? (image courtesy DailyCeleb)

  • Can you believe that this is the same Anna from Average Joe. This was taken at the Meghan Spring 2006 Show 10-20-05 (DailyCeleb)

Is this a jailhouse dress? Is it given to female inmates? I mean it has to have come from a jail. Why else would you wear horizontal stripes?? Seriously she was in a fashion show in this.

In case you can't remember, his was her before ...

That's it for today folks !! I have to go and scrub my brain. It keeps flashing snippets of the Fantasy commercial at me.

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