Thursday, October 20, 2005

Wow, What happened? Part Deux

Ahh, the infamous Booby Trendy. Oh sorry that should be Bobby Trendy. (Of The Anna Nicole Smith Show fame.) What the hell happened? He's just one mixed up nightmare of a man. I 'm not sure if its the ruffles or the frankenstein boots or the Super High Gloss lip smackers he has on. Whatever he is just one weird, dressed in the dark boy !!

At first glance she looks like Posing Paris, but alas it seems to be another wanna-be. Her name is Alex Petrou but I can't find any info about her. I don't understand why any girl/woman would what to look, act, or be like PH. Okay she has money but that's about it. She doesn't have a good body, she can't dance, and apparently she doesn't look like she is any fun in the sack either. Can't figure out what the big attraction is with her. Why do people love her? If only we ignored her for a while she would magically go away !!

It appears that Kate Sylvester used zombies as models in her latest fashion show in New Zealand. I so don't understand high fashion at all. Who thinks this is a good look? Would you ever wear it outside, sober ?

Sigh, another child start gone to hell. Ed Furlong looks so old and just a little bloated. Eeek !! Ditch the beer, stomp on the smokes and get a trainer. Anything to look healthy and alive.

(All photos courtesy of Getty Images.)

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