Sunday, December 04, 2005

The 80's are back !!

And that is not something I would usually mind but these outfits would have been bad back then.

First -- no SIDE PONYTAILS or PIGTAILS if you have reached puberty !!!

Secondly -- if you going to wear ankle socks with high heels at least make sure that they have the lace around them !

Saturday, December 03, 2005

America's Next Top Nothing

Naima -- you look bad. Sorta like your coming our of a three day bender. Your face just looks swollen.

Eva -- you have done something, I can't put my finger on it. Maybe you went on the same bender as Naima, but it isn't working for you. In this picture you just look stuffed.

Adrienne -- what can I say .. your the most "reality" successful of them all. Marrying a Brady and having a VH1 show is the height of success so far. Oh -- its so sad

Michelle -- she is just not good looking. Every single publicity shot of her looks horrid. Get some color !!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Looking Trashed !!

These two are beyond help. Someone somewhere (IE Trent or Perez Or Hollywoodrag) wrote that Taryn just looks dirty. I have to concur. Just looking at her photos makes me want to take a shower !!

Don't get me started on the 45, pretending to be 17, year old that is Brooke Hogan. First - only use one pound of make up. That way you don't look like a corpse. Secondly -- ditch the red lipstick and never bring it near your mouth again unless you dye your hair burgandy and get some coloring.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Unflattering Clothes .... pt2

Marcia Cross attending a Boston Common magazine bash. Jesus that dress is awful -- she looks like neopolitan ice cream and nothing about it says - holiday, festive, or fashionable.

Whyte Chocolate (I've never heard of her) attends the 1st Annual Dirty Awards. Its a nice look, if she was going for 1970's Rockford Files/Streets of San Francisco hooker look she hit it on the head. I especially like how her boots and top match. Classy !!

This is Jasmine Lennard. I know, I have no idea who she is either. She did wear this outfit to the after-party of "Keeping Mum" in England. I can't figure out why she wanted to show her underwear to everyone.

Emilia Fox arriving at The British Independent Film Awards. There are so many things wrong with this outfit. I love texture and design but there is a limit to how much you can have on a person at one time. A Button/Dot -Print Skirt, ZigZag tights, Bows on shoes, Spandeau top and Victorian see through shirt, not nice together.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Does this mean she won?

America's Next Top Model contestant Nik attends the 1st Annual Dirty Awards at the Georgia International Convention Center November 28, 2005

She is the only one from this cycle that is appearing out and about. Though I have to say I am not digging this look here.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Courtney Cox's Back

What the hell is wrong with Courtney Cox's spine -- it looks to unreal, like a Klingon or some other Star Trek creature.

Other than that I think she is has a hot body for a 40-something.


Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Hiltons...

jeepers nothing about them screams money -- the ugly uggs !! Rick looks half wasted and Kathy needs a face lift or some plumping up .. Rick and Kathy are really showing their age these days.

Kathy Hilton, Rick Hilton and their daughter Nicky Hilton are shown coming out of Serafina Restaurant Nov 28, 2005 in NYC

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes ....

These photos were taken three days apart. Wow, what a difference.

The wigs, the spray tans, the contouring.. what a lot of work it must be to be Kimora Lee Simmons.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Unflattering Outfits

Lord what a dress. The three different color pinks, the stripes, the shoes, the flowers attached. None of it is good and it just reminds me of the Evil Stepmother from Snow White or Cinderella.
(Manja Feilcke at "Bundespresseball" on 25NOV05 in Berlin)

This is just awful. Its the worst 80's fashion - a balloon skirt , with leggings, a 90's shrug and bad hair. And then the super long chain with the Mr T gold clunker. (Anna Brewster, UK premiere)

Seriously Mariah, FIRE YOUR STYLIST !!

I am so not against curvy figures, especially since I have one of my own, but this is not good. The backlighting makes it look even worse then it probably was but thunder thighs and long butt are all this picture makes. And the need to start a petition to have cups built into all dress with a C cup or larger.

Ladies, if you fail the pencil test you need a bra or some other structure in your garments.

Well, these outfits are so unflattering. Ladies, we all have breasts, but there is no need to aggressively advertise the fact. Has anyone ever heard of discreetly sexy? And were you not able to get shoes that fit?

I saw the first photo here of Jenny's outfit and thought it was quite nice. The bottom looked like a nice 40's style swing skirt. And then I saw picture two .. and it ruined it for me. They are short, hideous, culotte swing pants.

Invasion of the Potato Sacks

God what is that? a maternity smock? a swing jacket from the 60's? Did she foget to dress her bottom half? What the hell?
Seriously, maybe all those years of being a child/teen star and having a stylist around had its effect. Maybe this is the first time they are allowed to "dress themselves" like the rest of us did when we were 3.

I don't think that Mary Kate's bag is big enough. Maybe she can get a larger one for next time. That way she can hide her sister in it.

Lindsay Lohan also seems to be a follower of this style. Would it kill you to show a waistline?

Interesting Gossip from around the pages ...

November 26, 2005 -- MARK Lisanti, the writer Los Angeles Magazine just crowned "the most influential and intimidating gossip in Hollywood," is so acerbic and disrespectful, he makes us feel like milquetoast.
The irreverence of this goateed 31-year-old is shocking, as shown in some recent zingers from the Web site:
* "Producer Brian Grazer's Special Skin-Tightening Assistant cranked the winch on the back of Grazer's neck one too many times, rendering him unable to blink or close his mouth."
* "Malibu feudal lord" David Geffen was congratulated for allowing "access to the public beach blocked by his enormous Gay Mafia Xanadu" a "mere 22 years" after promising to do so.
* Director Bret Ratner was chided for repeatedly parking his Bentley in handicapped-only spaces at fancy restaurants, but Defamer allowed that his "lack of natural born ability with a camera" constitutes a legitimate disability.
* CBS President Les Moonves was described as a "generously betoothed future galactic despot."
* Of Tara Reid: "As long as there's not prohibition, she'll always be in the news."

Nicolas Cage's decision to give his newborn son Superman's birth name, Kal-el, proves "the actor has finally made a clean break with reality."
* When Defamer ran photos of 9-year-old Tom Cruise dressed up as Dorothy in a grade-school production of "The Wizard of Oz," lawyer Bert Fields wrote to say: "At 9, he once put on a costume in the picture for a Halloween party. He did not go around dressed as a girl as your report suggests." This prompted the headline, "Defamer clarification: Tom Cruise only dressed as Dorothy once."
* Another headline read, "White Men Can Hump: Woody Harrelson to Reproduce."
Lisanti is philosophical about his role. "People should not care about Lindsay Lohan or Tara Reid, but this is what the cultural tennis ball machine is firing at us. This is what I have to swing at," he told Los Angeles mag. "I'm basically a guy writing jokes about famous people."
PAGE SIX does agree with Lisanti on at least one point he recently expressed: "We should never believe the first, second, or third-through-17th thing that issues forth from a publicist's mouth." (

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Great Make -Up and Bad Make-Up

I love Evangeline's make-up here. Her skin looks dewy and radiant. Her lips look smooth and moist and the pink color is nice without hitting the 80's. The shimmer on here eyes just gives a nice amount of pop.

I can't remember which olsen this is but they both had the same make-up on at this event. The Smokey eye is really nice. Lots of depth without closing the eye in.

This is Kimberly Davies. She used to be on an Aussie soap called "Neighbors". She also starred in the one and only season of Pacific Heights. I've always thought that she had a beautiful face, but her make-up here is fabulous. It takes a strong woman to pull of this intense of a lip color without it looking garish and trampy.

Aisha's false lashes are way to showy for this look. From what I can tell this was a daytime function yet she has some seriously large and spiky lashes showing. Probably better to take those off and save for nighttime.

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