Sunday, October 30, 2005

Dresses I Love ...

Meryl Streep looks fabulous here. I just love this dress suit. The only think I would fix are the shoes. Something a little pointier and without the platform. But otherwise gorgeous.

I know that Jennifer looks sorta like Xena:Warrior Princess with a sparkly breastplate. But yet, I really like the dress. Its a nice departure from all the regular A-line Audrey Hepburn dresses she normally wears.

I know my eyes should be burning, and I have made a Dr's appt because something is terribly wrong. I actually like this outfit. Normally Bai Ling looks more like the lead in the Annabelle Chong Story. Here on VH1 "Can they sing?" the dress looks good. I didn't see the show so I don't know if she can sing, but the whole Cyndi Lauper/Madonna (Like A Virgin) look reminds me of the fun I had in the 80's.

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