Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blender Bash

On 10/27/05 Blender mag celebrated its 1st Annual Rock&Roll Issue. Here are some of the arrivals...

Lindsay and Nicole are looking good. I'm not usually a fan of either of their styles but I'm into this photo.

Nicky as usually just looks the same. Why can't you ever do anything with your hair? Do you know what a brush is? Do you own one? Please, please talk to your hairdresser.

Wait a minute, I thought Danny and Bijou were over. Didn't Page Six say it was all over two weeks ago? Someone must have got it wrong. Because they were here on the 27th, and then two days earlier at the "I Walk the Line" Johnny Cash benefit as well.

And Posing Paris, what can I say about you? That I'm shocked your there? Nah, you'd show up at a door opening. That your not naked or showing at least 80% of your skin. Yeah, the dress is positively decent on you.

Still, I'd love Nicole to just flatten you with one swing. Or Mary-Kate if that's who you were talking about on the phone. (Source Celebrity Smack)

Source Filmmagic and WireImages

And Dresses I hate ...

Mischa Barton doesn't let us down. Another collection of shapeless, sack-like dresses. Is there something wrong with showing us that you have breasts and a waist? Is there a new Hollyweird religion that forbids you from looking good?

Did you borrow the gold/cream from Phyllis Diller? I know that Britney took her hairstyle but raiding her closet is a bit much. Don't get me wrong, I love Phyllis Diller. I just didn't realize that she was still setting fashion trends.

You know I was loving the Bai Ling dress and then she did this. She ripped off the tissue skirt and turned it into some X-rated 1920's swimsuit with ruffled baby-diapercover panties on backward. What gives? Are you incapable of looking good in an outfit? Are you allergic to fabric?

Sandra darling, I know that your married now so you can relax a little in the fashion dept. But I think you've crossed the line when you wear your ruffled bed sham and duvet cover as a dress. Are you trying to distract us from any bumps that may be there? Have your hips widened just a touch?

Dresses I Love ...

Meryl Streep looks fabulous here. I just love this dress suit. The only think I would fix are the shoes. Something a little pointier and without the platform. But otherwise gorgeous.

I know that Jennifer looks sorta like Xena:Warrior Princess with a sparkly breastplate. But yet, I really like the dress. Its a nice departure from all the regular A-line Audrey Hepburn dresses she normally wears.

I know my eyes should be burning, and I have made a Dr's appt because something is terribly wrong. I actually like this outfit. Normally Bai Ling looks more like the lead in the Annabelle Chong Story. Here on VH1 "Can they sing?" the dress looks good. I didn't see the show so I don't know if she can sing, but the whole Cyndi Lauper/Madonna (Like A Virgin) look reminds me of the fun I had in the 80's.

ANTM Girls

Here are some recent photos of the girls from America's Next Top Model. Mercedes Yvette, Brittney Bower and Christina Murphy. They don't look as good as I expected. Mercedes' top gives the appearance she has gained weight. Brittney's lingerie dress with old lady's shoes doesn't do it for me. Christina is looking the better of the three, but I'm not in love with those jeans. Something a little classier looking would have been nicer.

Dita Von Teese at the Cafe Paris 80th Anniversary

I find Dita fascinating. I would love to see one of her shows. These photos seem to be from her Feather Fan Dance. Look at the size of her waist. How she moves in that corset is a wonder. I can't wait to see her wedding dress when she marries Marilyn Manson.
Source GettyImages

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weird, Wacky and What were you thinking outfits of the week.

This outfit is the perfect example of how to use a table cloth to add 20 pounds without eating a thing. What is Sofia Milos (CSI: Miami) doing in this hideous outfit. Was she just robbed and this was the only thing available?

Naomi Campbell looks like a wrapped Christmas present in this outfit. Nothing about it is pretty. The giant bow, the print, the gathered bolero/shrug combo. Uggh !!

You may remember Austin Scarlett from Heidi Klum's "Project Runway" . Which BTW was a good show. I loved his designs. Who knew corn silks could make such a nice outfit in a pinch.

He looks great as Wacko Jacko at the Life&Style 1 Year Anniversary Party.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster. I don't think I ever realized how much taller she is. I'm not digging the fur bolero at at all. I'm betting she thinks he's sexy.

Hallowe'en Look ??

I know Karen Elson walks the road not taken, but holy batman, what is going on with this look? She looks like a bride of Dracula.

Katie Price cont ...

Top -- This was Katie's first ever modeling photo shoot. Amazing what a binload of makeup, some peroxide and a plastic surgeon can do.

Here are other photos of Katie and her family. I especially like the t-shirt, towel, legwarmers and pink heels look. I will have to try that soon.

The Wonderful World of Jordan aka Katie Price

I get a tremendous amount of entertainment from Jordan. I'm not sure that's what she was intending, but I wait for British media events so I can see what she will wear next. Some of these outfits are spectacular. No need to comment on each of them as I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do them justice.

Note- in the Teal dress she is preggers as well.

Source GettyImages

"Oops" Look what I wore to the 2005 British TV Awards

I know that Katie Price AKA Jordan (above with husband Peter Andre) loves her body, her boobies and the spotlight but good god woman. You should have to have a safety warning about those boobies. They could take someone's eyes out.

And Peter, don't think your off the hook either. You getting more and more "pretty" with every passing year. What has happened to you? I know when you started your B list career you looked more like a man than a polished, shiny, makeup laden version of the Ken doll.

Good Lord Jo Frost, what happened to you?

Did all the children you tried to redeem from "Supernanny" come back, tie you up, throw their granny's best church outfit on you. And with a final taunt of laughter, add as much ice blue/silver eye shadow as they could before throwing you out of the moving van onto the red carpet?

The Ladies of Coronation Street cont...

Awww, they look so good. (L) Shobna Gulati AKA "Sunita"
and (R) Sally Lindsay AKA "Shelley"

Source : Getty Images

The Ladies of Coronation Street ...

L-R are :
Julie Goodyear AKA "Bette"
Kate Ford AKA "Tracey Barlow"
Debra Stephenson AKA "Frankie Baldwin"

At the recent British TV Awards, the girls can clean up pretty good. One thing I will never understand about the British fashion/styling, is the fact that you can spend a tremendous amount of effort on your body, makeup and outfit but just say "Fuck It" when it comes to doing their hair.

Note -- If you have never watched Corrie then you are missing one of the best soap shows around. It has been on the air for 40 plus years now. In Canada it airs on CBC every night and an omnibus replays on Sunday mornings. Set in Manchester the show is very down to earth compared to US counterparts. People are broke, hungover, can look awful, and most are blue collar workers dealing with lifes sometimes routine issues. If you have missed episodes or don't get the show visit to see each episode done in screencaps with terrific writing from Mike and Tracey.

Above we have from L-R:
Helen Worth AKA "Gail Platt"
Jane Danson AKA "Leanne Battersby"
Samia Smith and Jane Danson
R - Samia Smith AKA "Maria"