Sunday, October 30, 2005

And Dresses I hate ...

Mischa Barton doesn't let us down. Another collection of shapeless, sack-like dresses. Is there something wrong with showing us that you have breasts and a waist? Is there a new Hollyweird religion that forbids you from looking good?

Did you borrow the gold/cream from Phyllis Diller? I know that Britney took her hairstyle but raiding her closet is a bit much. Don't get me wrong, I love Phyllis Diller. I just didn't realize that she was still setting fashion trends.

You know I was loving the Bai Ling dress and then she did this. She ripped off the tissue skirt and turned it into some X-rated 1920's swimsuit with ruffled baby-diapercover panties on backward. What gives? Are you incapable of looking good in an outfit? Are you allergic to fabric?

Sandra darling, I know that your married now so you can relax a little in the fashion dept. But I think you've crossed the line when you wear your ruffled bed sham and duvet cover as a dress. Are you trying to distract us from any bumps that may be there? Have your hips widened just a touch?

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