Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Ladies of Coronation Street ...

L-R are :
Julie Goodyear AKA "Bette"
Kate Ford AKA "Tracey Barlow"
Debra Stephenson AKA "Frankie Baldwin"

At the recent British TV Awards, the girls can clean up pretty good. One thing I will never understand about the British fashion/styling, is the fact that you can spend a tremendous amount of effort on your body, makeup and outfit but just say "Fuck It" when it comes to doing their hair.

Note -- If you have never watched Corrie then you are missing one of the best soap shows around. It has been on the air for 40 plus years now. In Canada it airs on CBC every night and an omnibus replays on Sunday mornings. Set in Manchester the show is very down to earth compared to US counterparts. People are broke, hungover, can look awful, and most are blue collar workers dealing with lifes sometimes routine issues. If you have missed episodes or don't get the show visit to see each episode done in screencaps with terrific writing from Mike and Tracey.

Above we have from L-R:
Helen Worth AKA "Gail Platt"
Jane Danson AKA "Leanne Battersby"
Samia Smith and Jane Danson
R - Samia Smith AKA "Maria"

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