Wednesday, October 26, 2005

BREAKING NEWS -- Can you believe they broke up?

Nicolette Sheridan and her Fiance and partner of 18 months have called of the wedding. I know, I know, you all thought it was some one famous that we would care about. But alas its not.

Apparently good ole Nick was sent to the curb, shoe boxes and all. (If you believe the video tapes on Extra )

People magazine first reported the news, and now, "Extra" has confirmed it. Sheridan's publicist told us Wednesday, "Nicollette Sheridan and Niklas Soderblom have parted ways after a year and a half." Recent pictures snapped outside Sheridan's house show Soderblom loading up boxes, which fueled rumors that he was moving out. And when we caught up with Sheridan just days ago she played it coy, only saying, "Not telling."

I for one am shocked and deeply saddened. Nah, sorry couldn't even type that with a straight face.

BTW did anyone catch the episode of Extra where Dayna Devon talking about losing her baby weight? PLEASE GOD, SHUT UP !!!! Seriously, "I exercised all through my pregnancy, ate healthy, and watched my calories. Then after the baby was born I hit the gym hard to lose the whole 2-4!!!! pounds I gained. It was such hard work." Blecchh !!!


And it would seem that Micheal Varner was also kicked to the curb recently. It seems that Bennifer 2 couldn't handle having the Ex around on set and in the picture so he has been sent off to Alias heaven.


To make up for one break up we have one engagement ... (People)

Former Home Improvement star Zachery Bryan is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Carly Matros, PEOPLE has learned.

"They are thrilled and excited for the pending nuptials," his rep, Amanda Glazer, tells PEOPLE. Bryan, 24, and Matros, 23, were close friends who had known each other since fifth grade but only began dating two years ago. They plan to marry next summer.

Bryan starred as Brad Taylor, the eldest of three sons on the Tim Allen sitcom Home Improvement. He landed the role in 1991 less than five weeks after he and his mother set out from their family home in Aurora, Colo., for Hollywood. "Zach walked in the room and it just lit up," executive producer Carmen Finestra told PEOPLE at the time. The sitcom was on the air until 1999.

Bryan's next role is the lead in the ESPN film Codebreakers, which premieres Dec. 12. He's also filming Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift.--->


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