Wednesday, October 26, 2005

If an envelope opens, will a Star attend ? PT 2

This is Chad Rogers. Another person I can't find any info on so I'll add him to the Z list brigade of stars that are called to be fillers at any number of "special events" around Hollyweird.

See how nicely he blowed dried his hair . All shiny and perfectly in place. Thank god he doesn't own a convertible. That could have set him back hours.

I'm sure thats how long it took to get ready before he headed out. That last look in the mirror assured him he was looking ultra trendy and cool. Especially when that nice touch of blush and a little lip gloss was added.

Kinda reminds me of KD Lang.

Wow, Debbie Gibson. I can't believe this is her. Or the fact she went out in public with this haircut. It looks like she borrowed the mirror image cut from Chad Rogers above.

Of course, when you look at the dress and shoes the haircut begins to look good. There are no end of things wrongs with that dress; the cut, the length, the design on the fabric and then of course the shoes.

Uggh I just can't go on.

(image: Daily Celeb)

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