Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blender Bash

On 10/27/05 Blender mag celebrated its 1st Annual Rock&Roll Issue. Here are some of the arrivals...

Lindsay and Nicole are looking good. I'm not usually a fan of either of their styles but I'm into this photo.

Nicky as usually just looks the same. Why can't you ever do anything with your hair? Do you know what a brush is? Do you own one? Please, please talk to your hairdresser.

Wait a minute, I thought Danny and Bijou were over. Didn't Page Six say it was all over two weeks ago? Someone must have got it wrong. Because they were here on the 27th, and then two days earlier at the "I Walk the Line" Johnny Cash benefit as well.

And Posing Paris, what can I say about you? That I'm shocked your there? Nah, you'd show up at a door opening. That your not naked or showing at least 80% of your skin. Yeah, the dress is positively decent on you.

Still, I'd love Nicole to just flatten you with one swing. Or Mary-Kate if that's who you were talking about on the phone. (Source Celebrity Smack)

Source Filmmagic and WireImages

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