Friday, November 25, 2005

Unflattering Outfits

Lord what a dress. The three different color pinks, the stripes, the shoes, the flowers attached. None of it is good and it just reminds me of the Evil Stepmother from Snow White or Cinderella.
(Manja Feilcke at "Bundespresseball" on 25NOV05 in Berlin)

This is just awful. Its the worst 80's fashion - a balloon skirt , with leggings, a 90's shrug and bad hair. And then the super long chain with the Mr T gold clunker. (Anna Brewster, UK premiere)

Seriously Mariah, FIRE YOUR STYLIST !!

I am so not against curvy figures, especially since I have one of my own, but this is not good. The backlighting makes it look even worse then it probably was but thunder thighs and long butt are all this picture makes. And the need to start a petition to have cups built into all dress with a C cup or larger.

Ladies, if you fail the pencil test you need a bra or some other structure in your garments.

Well, these outfits are so unflattering. Ladies, we all have breasts, but there is no need to aggressively advertise the fact. Has anyone ever heard of discreetly sexy? And were you not able to get shoes that fit?

I saw the first photo here of Jenny's outfit and thought it was quite nice. The bottom looked like a nice 40's style swing skirt. And then I saw picture two .. and it ruined it for me. They are short, hideous, culotte swing pants.

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