Wednesday, November 30, 2005

More Unflattering Clothes .... pt2

Marcia Cross attending a Boston Common magazine bash. Jesus that dress is awful -- she looks like neopolitan ice cream and nothing about it says - holiday, festive, or fashionable.

Whyte Chocolate (I've never heard of her) attends the 1st Annual Dirty Awards. Its a nice look, if she was going for 1970's Rockford Files/Streets of San Francisco hooker look she hit it on the head. I especially like how her boots and top match. Classy !!

This is Jasmine Lennard. I know, I have no idea who she is either. She did wear this outfit to the after-party of "Keeping Mum" in England. I can't figure out why she wanted to show her underwear to everyone.

Emilia Fox arriving at The British Independent Film Awards. There are so many things wrong with this outfit. I love texture and design but there is a limit to how much you can have on a person at one time. A Button/Dot -Print Skirt, ZigZag tights, Bows on shoes, Spandeau top and Victorian see through shirt, not nice together.

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