Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Keira and Rosamund -- Tragic Kingdom

Okay here we have two fabulous looking woman who had a bad night on the town.
Keira looks fantastic and her makeup is to die for. But apparently it was a warm night because she didn't feel her dress slip and her nipple peep out.

Still, from looking at her face it seemed that this did not worry her as much as Rosamund Pike's hair style.

I use the term hair style very, very loosely. What the hell happened to you? Did you piss of your hair stylist? Did he take you hostage and then throw you onto to the red carpet with this? Maybe you saw Keira's nipple slip, dashed to the bathroom, and electrocuted your hair style. That way you could take the heat of Keira and you guys could be BFF.

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