Thursday, November 24, 2005

Great Make -Up and Bad Make-Up

I love Evangeline's make-up here. Her skin looks dewy and radiant. Her lips look smooth and moist and the pink color is nice without hitting the 80's. The shimmer on here eyes just gives a nice amount of pop.

I can't remember which olsen this is but they both had the same make-up on at this event. The Smokey eye is really nice. Lots of depth without closing the eye in.

This is Kimberly Davies. She used to be on an Aussie soap called "Neighbors". She also starred in the one and only season of Pacific Heights. I've always thought that she had a beautiful face, but her make-up here is fabulous. It takes a strong woman to pull of this intense of a lip color without it looking garish and trampy.

Aisha's false lashes are way to showy for this look. From what I can tell this was a daytime function yet she has some seriously large and spiky lashes showing. Probably better to take those off and save for nighttime.

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