Monday, January 03, 2011

Taiwan -- Day 9 Cont'd Sun Moon Lake and The Wen Wan Resort Hotel

Sun Moon Lake is the largest body of water in Taiwan.  One side of the lake resembles a Sun and the other a Moon, hence the name.  There are 2 major townships Yuchih and Shueili, situated around the lake as well as a 32 KM road that follows the shore of the lake.

Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

We arrived in the late afternoon and were brought to The Wen Wan Hotel. Oh goodness gracious me, Spectacular! This is the newest hotel in the Yuchih township and beautiful 5 star hotel located next to the Lalu (another premium hotel). While we were being checked in we were brought to the Lounge Bar.  Gorgeous! It has stunning views of the lake through the floor to ceiling windows.  On each table was a perfect yellow fragrant Lily.  We were each given a bottle of sparkling peach vinegar to drink and a small bowl of water and cloth to refresh ourselves. I know that sparkling vinegar may not sound great, but it tasted delightful.

Our welcome drink at The Wen Wan Resort

The view from the 6th floor of The Wen Wan Resort.

I was given room #601 and it was amazing. When you walked in you were faced with a sliding pocket door in front of you, a Tea Station, drawers and mini-fridge to your left and another sliding pocket door to your right.  I opened the right door and it led into a huge bright airy bedroom and living room combo.  The colors were white, beige and beech and bamboo. It had a large king bed, love seat and coffee table and LCD wall mounted TV. 

My room at The Wen Wan Resort

At the far end of the room were large double patio doors which led out onto the deck.  The deck was beautiful with a chaise lounger, table and chair and it overlooked Sun Moon Lake.  It also had access to the super luxurious bathroom by way of another set of patio doors leading into the marble soaker tub. The bathroom was above and beyond all bathrooms.  The soaker tub filled in minutes even though it was approx 4 feet X 4 feet X 2.5 feet. You could sit, soak and relax in a super hot tub with floor to ceiling views of the lake. Next to the tub was a rain shower and then you walked into the vanity area.  There were double sinks, a beauty station and stool and complimentary bath salts as well as great creams and lotions.  Once you walked passed the vanity station you walked into the toilet room. Again it was a fantastic TOTO toilet.  This time though it played music.  There is no experience like using the toilet with a heated seat and having “Ave Maria” played to you.  The toilet room then led back to the front door.

My bathroom at The Wen Wan Resort

My bathtub at The Wen Wan Resort, overlooking Sun Moon Lake.

After I was done exploring my room I ran to Bev’s on the 7th floor to see what her room was like.  We had the same layout except that her color scheme was burgundy, gold and cherry wood with floral accents.  Also, instead of a loveseat she had two individual chairs and her deck had a round lounger roomy enough for two.  When we were done oohing and awing over our rooms we went to explore the public areas of the hotel.

Bev's room at The Wen Wan Resort.

Bev's patio and circular chais lounge.
 The hotel is 12 stories tall and located on a hill overlooking Sun Moon Lake.  It was built to resemble a ship and has a large gold mast on one side.  The mast is covered in 479 ounces of gold leaf, making it the most expensive mast in the world. The lobby features a several beautiful art objects including a 5 foot dragon ball and a wall of marble that is lit at night from the inside, as well as a water wall.  The ceiling has several beaded crystal chandeliers and unique stained glass lights. On the outside of the hotel is a 60 foot outdoor observation deck. This is free for guests but there is a charge for non-guests. 

The large marble wall lit from within. 
Cola Mark practicing some dance moves.

The Dragon Ball
The Wen Wan Resort

Viewing platform at The Wen Wan Resort

Column on the viewing platform decorated with aboriginal art.
The Wen Wan Resort, Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan

After exploring the hotel we headed off to dinner at Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort. The Full House Resort is closer to the North American idea of a large bed and breakfast or an Inn. Its restaurant and gardens on the other hand are definitely something I’ve only seen in Taiwan.  The gardens are beautiful at night and throughout them are strategically placed glass and wrought-iron tables of different sizes as well as garden ornaments.  Lights and candles twinkle from the trees and pathways, and large fruit centerpieces dotted the tables.  Some tables seat four under intricate white metal gazebos and some as large as sixteen under patio umbrellas.  We were seated in our own area at a table for eight with a supremely large watermelon centerpiece.  There were only six of us but we had to leave an empty chair or two for the stray cat that wouldn’t leave and therefore joined us for dinner. Aside from our uninvited feline companion we did settle in to enjoy a unique meal experience. 

Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort

Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort

This inn is renowned for its distinctive fruit and meat combinations.  The meal was served family style with the main course being an inside-out tagine-looking fondue. You cooked a selection of fruit, meat, seafood and vegetables in the boiling broth and voila, dinner was done. There were also side dishes of cellophane noodles, rice, fish, and mushrooms and assorted vegetables. It really was an interesting and delicious meal. After dinner I toured the Full House with John and Kate as well as the Dorm-style room. It is certainly a unique building with lots of art and wood works and a strong fruit smell. 

Cola Mark, Bev, Kate and Wireless Mark
Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort

Wireless Mark and Cola Mark
Dinner at the Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort

Kate and our uninvited dinner guest.
Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort

Dinner at Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort

After dinner I retired back to The Wen Wan Hotel and a super amazing lavender salt mineral bath before bed.

Bathtime at The Wen Wan Resort.


Margaret said...

Pictures are lovely. There is no way in the world that I would walk on the viewing platform....

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You know it wasn't scary at all. Beautiful views made it really easy. And the guy in the photo live in Langley for a few years. Small World.