Monday, January 03, 2011

Taiwan -- Day 10 Ci En Pagoda, Sun Moon Lake

We strolled around Ita Thao before boarding the bus and making our way to the Ci En Pagoda. What a beautiful building, breathtaking. It was built almost fourty years ago as a monument to his mother by the late President Chiang Kai-Shek. It stands 150 feet tall and nearly 3300 feet above sea level. To reach the Pagoda you must climb the 700-meter staircase to the entrance. You can do this easily and at your own pace. Once you reach the entrance you then can walk up the nine stories to the top. The Pagoda offers magnificent views of the entire lake and surrounding mountains. Also when you reach the top you can announce your feat by ringing the very large zhong with a wooden mallet. 

The steps to the Ci En Pagoda

Ci En Pagoda, Sun Moon Lake

Wireless Mark and Ci En Pagoda

Ci En Pagoda

Wireless Mark at the Ci En Pagoda
Look at the view behind him.

Looking down to the bottom of the Ci En Pagoda

Ci En Pagoda

Ci En Pagoda

The view from the Ci En Pagoda

View from Ci En Pagoda
 After our exhilarating day we headed back to The Wen Wan to relax before dinner.

Dinner that evening was family style at a little restaurant in town.  We had whole steamed fish, cold Hainan chicken, shrimp, rice, candied mushrooms and greens.  After dinner we spent our second-to-last night in Taiwan touring the town and enjoying the fireworks display and dance show.

Sun Moon Lake at night.
Dinner at Sun Moon Lake


Not a big fan of cold chicken with yellow goose-bumpy skin.

A cool bike.  The mom rode it with the son sitting on the toddler seat.

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