Sunday, January 01, 2012

Indonesia -- Day 4 More Photos of Maimoon Palace -- Medan, Indonesia

There were so many beautiful photos of Medan that I couldn't include them all in 1 post.  I took over 4000 photos on my trip and here are some of the better ones of Maimoon Palace in Medan.

The designs inside Maimoon Palace -- Amazing !!!

Gorgeous French Antique Chair -- not my personal choice for fabric but the bones are FANTASTIC !!

Cornerpiece -- again the most intricate colors and designs

 Painted door -- simple yet beautiful.

More colorful designs -- Maimoon Palace

Painted farm table in Maimoon Palace

The view to the outside from the main entrance of Maimoon Palace

The outside of Maimoon Palace -- the Left Wing (when facing from the front)
 Currently occupied by descendents of the Sultan.

The outside of Maimoon Palace

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