Sunday, January 01, 2012

Indonesia -- Day 4 More Photos of the Grand Mosque

Again, more views of the Grand Mosque that I couldn't include in 1 single post.  The inside floors and lower level were not as beautiful as they could be, but the grounds and the building itself were beautiful.  The Mosque is also known as the Mesjid Besa and built in 1906 in the moorish style. 

NOTE : This is a working Mosque.  If you want to look inside to dress respectfully, no shorts or bare shoulders, take your shoes off before you enter (and make sure your feet are clean!  It is wise to bring a scarf and/or sarong with you at all times in Indonesia.  I was unable to even cross the parking lot while wearing a tank top and bolero cardigan (due to the cleavage).

The Pedestrain Overpass that connects to the Grand Mosque.  Quite the juxtaposition from the New to Old Worlds.

The Grand Mosque Signage at the main Entrance.

The Grand Mosque Al-Mashun

The ceiling of the Grand Mosque -- more intricate Indonesian designs

The view to the outside from the "lobby" of the Grand Mosque.

The maintenance of the Grand Mosque is unfortunately not up to date.  The lobby was flooded and some of the stained glass mirrors were broken.

The stained glass windows for the Grand Mosque

The corridors of the Grand Mosque.
The largest moth I've ever seen -- if you know the name, please leave a comment.

A ceiling at the Grand Mosque -- Medan

The ladies side for the Grand Mosque

The stained glass windows of the Grand Mosque.

Mosque Doors -- beautiful !!

Leaving the main archway of the Grand Mosque

Tile Design of the Grand Mosque -- Beautiful.

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