Thursday, February 17, 2011

Abbotsford Trout Hatchery -- Fantastic Toddler Birthday Party Spot ! and great Fishing.

Last weekend was my oldest child's 3rd Birthday.  I had looked long and hard to find something interesting for his birthday.  I wanted something that would tire out all the kids and be different than our regular playdates or hitting the kid playcenters that have sprung up everywhere.

After some searching I came across the Abbotsford Trout Hatchery.  It is approx 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver on Hwy 1.

My daughter checking out the photos

It was BRILLIANT !!! Jessica, our hostess, was superb with all 15 kids ranging in age from 14 months to 4.5 years. Our 2.5 hours flew by.  Everyone was kept entertained with the puppet show, and  coloring station.  Then we had a felt storyboard presentation of the life of a trout with all the children participating.  Afterwards we were led to tanks to see different types of trout and sturgeon feeding

My son at the coloring station

One of the tanks where we could see different types of fish

Next stop was like a scene from the 70's Piranha movies.  Jessica was on the balcony and dropped food into a pond of fish and they went wild.  It was like we put the jets in the hot tub on.  That really got the kids excited. 

We went back upstairs and grabbed our rods and then headed for the 2 min walk to the stocked ponds for our casting lesson and chance at catching some trout.  This is a catch and release facility with a very low mortality rate.  Even if a hook has to be cut and left with the fish it will dissolve within 7 days.

My son was the first to catch a trout and it was beyond exciting !! The trout was reeled in and then netted. He was then placed in a bin of water so we could see what he looks like and touch him before being released.  Eventually all the kids caught a trout or two or three or eight.  It was so amazing and thankfully the weather held off raining though it was chilly.

Catching a trout

My son getting the net to bring in his fish.  What a handsome 3 year old.

After an hour or so of fishing we headed back indoors for lunch, drinks and Birthday cake. Then it was goody bags and good byes ;)  Out the door headed a bunch of super tired and nap ready toddlers and pre-schoolers and some super happy parents.

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone for coming and sharing our special day !!!

For those of you looking for a birthday idea for a toddler all the way to a tween this is FANTASTIC ! I can't say enough good things about it.  The cost was $175 taxes in for up to 15 children, which is super reasonable.  This also included setup and takedown, decorations, cutlery, plates, coffee, tea and hot chocolate and the 2.5 hour party and casting lesson. 

The Abbotsford Trout Hatchery also does school tours and is available for drop in visits on the weekend.  You should call to confirm before you head there.

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Kyla said...

We LOVED Thomas' birthday party. What an absolutely fantastic idea! Colin loved every minute of it and Dennis and I could not stop talking about it! Thank you so much Niamh & Glen for having us!