Friday, November 11, 2011

Indonesia -- Day 1 Fantastic KOREAN AIR

Hi ho hi ho, its off to Indonesia I go ...

The routing I got for Vancouver to Medan, Indonesia was Vancouver - Seoul (Incheon) - Singapore (Changi)  with Korean Air.  In Singapore I had a 10 hour layover and then a Valuair flight from Singapore to Medan.

Somewhere over the Atlantic on Korean Air

Well the only great thing about getting to Changi Airport, Singapore was that I got to fly Korean Air. What a bloody FANTASTIC AIRLINE !!! Seriously, I can't recommend them enough. Korean Air has the largest seating of any economy plane cabin I have been on in a long time.  I am 5' 9'' and I had a ton of leg room.  So much in fact, I kept my backpack with me and at my feet.  Even with the seat in front on me on full recline my knees still didn't touch the seat.  So happy !!!! Totally makes up for the fact I couldn't get an upgrade to premium class ;)

The flight from Vancouver to Incheon is 11 hours and 40 minutes and covers 5092 miles. The plane was new and had in seat entertainment.  I also had a USB plugin to charge my iPhone. The entertainment selection was great, as was the Duty Free selection. In Vancouver I was able to check my luggage all the way to Singapore and received the boarding passes for both of my flights (thankfully).

Sunset arriving into Incheon Airport, Seoul
NOTE:  I was advised in Vancouver at the Duty Free shop that I was not allowed to buy Duty Free liquor as it would be confiscated in Seoul.  I don't understand why that would be but decided not to risk it.

Once in Seoul I had 45 minutes to make my connection for the Seoul to Singapore flight. Transiting through Incheon Airport is easy and the signage is great but this is a TIGHT but legal connection.  I only barely made it to the next flight and that was because I asked everyone in the security lineup if I could go ahead of them and showed them my boarding pass with boarding time. Off course I didn't have time for Duty Free here either.

Sunset arriving into Incheon Airport, Seoul

Sunset arriving into Incheon Airport, Seoul

My flight from Seoul to Singapore was a great flight as well.  Same type of plane with lots of legroom.  The entertainment and duty free options were the same.   This flight was 6 and a 1/2 hours and covered 2880 miles in a Boeing 777-300 to arrive in Singapore Changi Airport at 11:59pm. 

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