Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The New Year Diet Plan

Well as we all know the resolutions for the new year have begun waning .. Did anyone else do the weight loss thing? I did ..

I also start my resolutions in February so that I am not part of the "January Mania". So I am getting myself ready for February. As an incentive I bought myself an elliptical machine and placed it in front of the tv. Of course this is where all serious fitness people place their machines .. so $600 later I have a machine that I have now used a grand total of once !!
I have also started back on Weight Watchers, just using the plan at home not going to the meetings. I just don't want to pay 60 bucks a month to someone so they can weigh me. I am perfectly able to embarass myself at home for free.

So here we go .. I will be posting updates as I go...


Margaret said...

OK...why did I not know about your blog before now? It's hilarious.

VancouverBanshee said...

Well that was 4 years ago and the elliptical got used maybe a few more time. It has now moved onto a lovely new home. I now have 2 kids and 40 extra pounds .. what the hell would I have to buy now?

PS -- remember where we were 4 years ago. Thats when I started this blog. When I thought I could be the new PerezHilton